Who is better to see, a physical therapist working for a corporation of a physical therapist who owns a private practice? In a clinic run by a corporation, therapists are often rewarded based on the number of patients they see in a given day. This may affect patient care, as these therapists are juggling many patients at once. In our privately owned facility, we are focused on one-on-one patient care and are not trying to meet a "quota" imposed by a corporation.

Select Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS) has only one location and you will be treated personally by the owners. By having one clinic, we can ensure that the quality of care meets our standards at each visit. Our patients receive a comprehensive one hour evaluation, and they have a choice of a private treatment room or an open gym setting for their future visits. DON'T MISTAKE US FOR A CORPORATELY OWNED CHAIN OF OFFICES WITH A SIMILAR NAME. As Tamarac's longest free-standing physical therapy facility, we encourage you to choose THE Select Therapy and Rehabilitation Services.


All treatments at STARS are performed by licensed therapists. Our dedicated staff takes a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation providing continuity of care that personalizes your treatment. We believe in keeping up with the latest advances in physical therapy to offer our patients the highest quality care.